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Fiat 500 3+1 (2021)

Fiat 500 3+1
The New 500 has filled all of Fiat with its positivity, bringing with it an energy and creativity unparalleled since 1957 and 2007. This has enabled Fiat designers and engineers to look to the future without letting a single opportunity pass them by, at the same time maintaining continuity with the current success of the 500.

From that point, it came naturally to design a car with more 'bodies', such as the cabrio and hatchback versions, but that wasn't all. To accompany the evolution of the 500 customer base, we needed to go further, to respond to the developments in the requirements of customers who have grown and whose habits have changed. The young person who darted onto the city streets aboard their 500 after a day's work, is now a 'working mom or dad', struggling to get their one or more children to school in the morning before heading to work, then to their dance class or foreign language lessons in the afternoon, all the while keeping their own personal commitments going. That customer has therefore become a family that needs the interiors to be more accessible, but still 'cool' as only the 500 can be by nature. That's where the New 500 3+1 comes in. All new, all electric and with one extra door. But still a 500.

The Centro Stile designers have been working on a smart solution with identical dimensions to the cabrio and hatchback versions, but with a small third door on the passenger side. Just like the first 500 in 1957, which featured doors hinged to the rear: a return to the model's roots in a fruitful dialog between past and future. The result is a new body, to add to the hatchback and cabrio, with unchanged dimensions and not a single centimeter added to the footprint.